For a “Green New Deal”!

In these difficult economic times, Green Party candidates across the country are picking up the New Deal torch the Democrats have dropped.

People may not remember that FDR’s New Deal promoted full employment (a job for everyone who needs one), universal health care, and infrastructure improvements . . . all funded by progressive taxation.

Seventy-five years later the “Green New Deal” incorporates the above. Beyond that, it adds policies to promote ecological sustainability and economic democracy.

To revive the economy, the Green Party advocates:
. lowering taxes on working class and middle class families;
. fully funding public schools and colleges;
. providing quality health care for all New Jersey citizens through an efficient single payer system;
. a state-owned bank to target investments into renewable energy, public transportation, conservation, and organic agriculture.

Interest in the Occupy Wall Street movement shows that many people (not just activists) are fed up with stagnation and the dysfunction of the two long-dominant parties. Here in New Jersey Chris Christie advocates the economic agenda of the big Wall Street bankers. He’d rather balance the budget on the backs of teachers and public sector workers than require the millionaires and multinationals to pay their fair and proper share of taxes. He cuts programs that provide critical support to working class families. Only the Green Party offers a bold and coherent alternative: the “Green New Deal”!

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